A Word From Satan
Since I’m the perpetuator of iniquity which is gross injustice: and wickedness and iniquitous act or thing more commonly known as Sin. I will be kind enough to share with you are better still affirm some of the more immediately noticeable vices in our present day society that is hampering you. And I think that is putting it mildly. 

Anyway since there is so much stuff at large and I want to give you something that is gross or immediately noticeable. 

Let's take crack cocaine for instance.... you know how have the earth is on Christianity now. Well two thirds of the other half has graduated to crack cocaine. And the one third that's left is going back and forth between should I or shouldn't I. Cause crack cocaine it's some good stuff. Anytime you prefer crack to food water and even sex. Something is not right, so something must be wrong. Must is cause must ain't don't sound right. Would you believe it if I told you that crack was in the pulpit?

Now on the other hand we have some relatively new stuff here, Aids Ebola. Last I heard man didn't know how to deal with it. Just like in the case of a nuclear melt down; man won't know how to deal with it. So man speculates in one hundred years I won't be here so someone else will have to deal with it.

Imagine containing the forces of the universe; come-on man be serious. That's like being in the ring with the greatest. Chances are you're getting yo ass kicked. Its like a tornado being out in the immediate area; you against the forces of the universe.

Nonsense and obliged silliness constitutes be-wilderness, the valley of the dry bones, nothing about  nothing. The word you are about to read is a relatively old word yet I have given it a new spelling and a new meaning. It is spelled mathafaka 
(ma-tha-fa-ka) it is a hard adjective describing a situation people condition place or thing. It expresses sincerity. For instance what did the wise man say to the people with no vision? Ya'll gone die mathafakas. 

How much sense does ity make to create a job for someone else and you don't even have a job? As if you are a super nation of people giving assistance to some third world country. This is perfect non-sense; cause you ain't got a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of. And it's perfectly insane to think that someone else is responsible for you. You think this but you don't know you think this. Where is your God and hath he any mercy? I know you need some I am the Devil. You ain't had no mercy in so long you know not what it is. Because if you knew what it is you would know that you were lacking it. 

Let me refresh your memory. Mercy is a kindness in excess of what can be expected on man. But since mans welfare and existance is depending on Gods mercy he is expected to extend what he has of it to his fellow man. That's mercy have you had any lately?

I think we've all experienced some mercy at various points through the years. Am I sure that half the earth is on crack or was that two thirds? And the drug is supposedly illegal. Do ya'll  know any other way for peace and traquility to come about; which is your main objective? Me; I do have ways after all I am the Devil.

Why am I telling you this, is it not one of my objectives keeping you in the dark? Then why am I shedding light on the subject? Well you see I manufacture chaos. So I have some idea as to how much truth is absorbed.

Crises and chaos are the end products of intellectual freedom-eroded ideas promoted by men who profess a faith in God and under this protective cover. Cultivate their ungodly lust for power and recognition; which transcends the laws of justice, respectability, and confuses the mass of people. They plunder men's fortunes with compulsory taxation upon the fruits of their labor and property while destroying their incentives and struggle for independence and ultimate Satanizing man trust and faith in god or truth. The end results of all forms of socialism is chaos. So if you are confused it doesn’t matter what you hear because you won’t know what to believe.