We here at Exposed Corruption is sensing some hostility directed at us about pictures used and remarks made about certain individuals. Namely those individuals on this site. We will start with Heidi Litchfield photographer for the Morris Daily Herald . 

Heidi is upset because she claims that I Richard Henry of Exposed Corruption infringed upon her copyrights. She claims I did so by using pictures of Larry Walsh and Justin Meyers. According to her no one else could have taken them because she was the only photographer there. She threatens to send me an invoice for usage of said pictures, and take me to small claims court if I do not pay. She states that "the next time I whistleblow get the right law enforcement offices. Minooka PD were not the investigating authorities on the Michael King case... It was the Kendall County Sheriff. I don't know whether or not your allegations are true but they'd be more believable if you had the facts straight."

We are just looking for answers. As for anything else it would seem to me that since Heidi is the media, she would want to have these questions answered as well. It would seem to me that she would want to hear what her political leaders have to say about the accusations on this site. I would think that a mere picture would be the farthest thing from her mind with all these accusations on here.
We welcome Heidi taking us to court however I think she means Civil Court and we here at Exposed Corruption never accused the Minooka Police of anything. We merely stated that we believe that Mike King was murdered by three white boys who were on the scene when he drowned. We did not accuse the Minooka PD of any wrong doings. However Heidi's email to me seems to suggest that there may be a possible cover up. Otherwise, how can I be whistleblowing? Does this mean that my facts are ok and maybe somone else needs to get their facts straight? 

Justin Meyers is the New sheriff in town if there are some questions about the death of Mike King then he is suppose to reopen and investigate. He is suppose to find out what really happened to that young teenager. Everyone posted on this site is suppose to want to know. Exposed Corruption wants to know what happened.

My co-worker received an email from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. We respect that, as we stated if you don't want us to provide your information to the public we won't do that. He claims there are a lot of slanderous remarks on our web site about certain individuals. They also speak about him being semi literate. It may appear that way to you, however, that is what we are saying about these other people. These things appear to be true.  

If at anytime someone feels that we have put something on our site that is not true, please let us know. We are not trying to slander anyone. We just want the questions answered, and the compensation that we are entitled to under the civil rights act of 1964; violation of our civil rights.  We are always open for discussion and negotiation. We don't want anything from anyone other than what we are entitled to. Anything else its all ya'lls.

If anyone truly wants to answer the questions and truly wants to make sure all laws are followed by all. We want to listen, we really want to here what you have to say. In fact we can do it on a public form, that way the public will know and there can be no lies. If the money has not been stolen then all we want to know is what has happened to it. Because like Rhyme Fest: we listen to that weak shit, all of it, we can't follow it, excuse me boo we're whacktose intolerant.

Corrupt Illinois Governor JB Pritzker