Police Corruption is now the Chief of the Joliet Police Department
It was around 8:30 p.m. when a dark-colored sedan turned from Franklin Street onto eastbound Benton Street and stopped just west of Eastern Avenue, according to Deputy Police Chief Mike Trafton. "A black or Hispanic man got out of the vehicle, exchanged words with a group of men outside and began firing at them," he said.
The statement below bothers me, how did Trafton know what these people did and they were not there and did not know that this was going to happen? Trafton has too much information. This seems to me like the police were the ones that set this up and shot these people. I have spoken to a lot of retired police officers that say the police do commit these shootings to make it look like a rival gang so they can keep conflict going. For complete article Click here 
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 Mike Trafton
They had the news paper removed the link which further proves that Commander Trafton had something to do with the shooting.
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This Man Will Burn in the Fires of Hell