Death is All The Way Live
How can death be what it is and what you say it is at the same time? it is death but it is alive. That is because it is here and now and it does exist, there-fore it is alive. 

How did death derive? Why is it here? And what is its objectives? If any. 

Death originated through the forces of the universe. It is here because for every action there is opposite and equal reaction. There's life and there's death. It's objective in life is to be death the end of life.

If both life and death are what they say they are then what are they to each other? They both are alive yet one is dead.

Life is the duration of existence and death to life is nothing. If death is anything it is the beginning of life. Death is still death you cannot avoid it. In life there is death the end of life. Part of life belongs to death, the end results of all forms of life is death.
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Alex Lee. Henry Sr. 12-21-1927 to 4-13-2010
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