Illinois House of Represntatives wants to Prosecute Blagojevich  
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Wickedness At Its Highest Level
How can the House even think about prosecuting Blagojevich when they need to clean out their own closet. Tom Cross has knowledge that one of his advisors has broken the law and committed a crime against a juvenile but has yet to bring him up on charges. Grant Wegner sat in open court and convicted a girl for defending herself all because she accused staff members at Oswego East High school of sexually harassing her. 

Tom is refusing to do anything because Grant Wegner is counsel to his law firm. Tom also has ties to District 308. How corrupt can one man be? In other words the law does not apply in the case of an African American citizen If you are not in the good ol' boy circuit then there is  no help for you; or it may just be like Dan Ward said if you want Tom to help you, you are probably going to have to get in bed with him. That's sound pretty freaky to me; anyway nothing has happened and Tom is aware of all the violations going on in Will and Kendall County. 

When is Tom going to step to the plate? If he is waiting to see how far I will go, then he needs to know I am not a would be leader. I would have gone all the way but since its the thought that counts I'm getting off right here. Signed for real a would be leader. I'm just like him for my cause the only thing that is going to stop me is death, and, oh well, bring it on.

The reason America is falling is because of leaders like Tom Cross. He is refusing to hold Grant Wegner accountable for his actions when the Courts have repeatedly ruled that judges have no immunity for their criminal acts.
How long are these people going to be corrupt? Can't you people see that God is punishing America? Look at the oil in the Gulf, everything you try fails. Wake up, America is under divine judgement.

We Made This Cut For Rod Blago