Grant Wegner Corrupt in Juvenile Court
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Case No. 08 JD 84

Grant Wegner lied in open court, during his closing remarks while speaking to Keturah Henry. He stated that "Now you already admitted that to me that you knew at the time that Franklin was in the grasp of Draper. So any type of self defense, if you will, at that point really doesn’t count because the question of whether it’s reasonable to believe that you’re going to be receiving some type of battery or some kind of force used against you. Well that’s not going to happen because at that point in time Franklin’s wrapped up and you turn around and actually hit her. You admitted it.” Page 45 of the court report lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10 and 11. 

Keturah stated during cross examination by the States Attorney; “I don’t know how. Megan had my hair but when he grabbed her she snatched me with her and I hit her again." Page 38, line 11,12,13. So it was clear that the reason Keturah hit Megan was because Megan still had hold of her hair. Not at anytime during Keturah's testimony did she say she turned around and hit Megan after Draper grabbed her. It was clear that Keturah was receiving force and a battery was being perpetrated on her. Former Judge Grant Wegner lied in open court when he said that Keturah admitted to him that she turned around and hit Megan after Draper grabbed her. Another example of his biased and conspiracy to violate Keturah’s rights. Grant Wegner stated that " It's also clear that at the time Franklin approached you she wasn't looking for a fight. I think she approached you with the idea of trying to resolve this situation of what, if anything, you had been telling other people". Page 44; lines 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. 

In Megan's own hand written statement she stated " I was on my way to the bus and I heard her talking about me. So I said Ima need for you to stop talking about me and if you keep doing that I'm gunna go to the Dean's office" now the critical parts began right here. Megan then states " and she was like  I wasn't talking about you to nobody why don't you hit me bitch" At that point why did Megan continue on? However Megan states " I was like whatever keep talking yo stuff and you will get in trouble. Here is a another critical part. Megan states "And she said I never said anything about you. If Megan wasn't looking for a fight at what point was Megan going to say ok and leave it alone?  She had been told twice by Keturah that she hadn't been talking about her.

Megan continues on and states "Then why ever since I been back I heard about you talking yo stuff everyone has been telling me!" with an exclamation point meaning she was excited and talking loud. She goes on to say "People even told me over the winter break she was talking about me". Why is Megan over telling Keturah what she heard from someone else; when she was instructed by staff members to stay away from Keturah after hitting Keturah in Choir the week prior?

The behavior of Former Judge Grant Wegner is clearly biased. The evidence shows that Keturah did nothing but defend herself. If Judge Grant Wegner was not being coerced by Staff Members in District #308 Why would he tell the lies that he told in open court? 

Grant Wegner and staff members in School District #308 along with Brenda Karales Kendall County Assistant States Attorney; Conspired against the Rights of Keturah Henry. They have deprived her of her rights under the color of law because she filed a sexual harassment complaint against Staff Members at East Oswego High School. Judge Grant Wegner was acting in his Judicial capacity when he violated Keturah's Rights but he was acting in his own personal interest. Former Judge Grant Wegner has political ties to Oswego East High School District #308 and the Oswego Police Department with whom office Torrence one of the accused is employed.

When Former Judge Grant Wegner removed Judge Thomas E. Mueller and placed himself on the bench he became in violation of Supreme court Rule section 455a, and Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242 Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law. Because he knew what he was doing; and he was working with The School District the Oswego Police Department and the Kendall County States Attorney's office. He violated Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 Conspiracy against Rights. 

According to the Supreme Court; Former Judge Grant Wegner warred against the court and that is held as treason against the Constitution. Any order that was given by Former Judge Grant Wegner was automatically voided by law. I did not have to appeal or file a motion or anything it was automatic. Therefore Judge T. Clint Hull could not give me and order to follow a court order that had been voided by law; Because it didn't exist. 

So I could not have willfully disobeyed the order that was given by T. Clint Hull because he was issuing a court order base off an order that was voided. 

In the murder of Nicholas Swanson in Elgin the white boys that were involved in that murder was given probation by Judge Grant Wegner. It is reported that these people continue to appear in court even after they were given a break by Grant Wegner. However in the case of Keturah Henry where the girl admitted that she was the aggressor Keturah was prosecuted. 

This clearly shows the racism and bias of Judge Grant wegner. Instead of him applying the laws to this situation he was biased and prejudice. One can clearly see the racism and bias involved in Keturah Henry's case.

In the Murder of Nicholas Swanson everyone involved should have been sent to prison instead they got probation. After they got probation they continued to return to court for violations of their probation.
Probation in the murder of Nicholas Swanson