Lying Racist Thieves in Will County
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Tom Cross
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                                       Complicit or Co-conspirators?                                                                                                                                                                            
Pictured above is Debbie Halvorson 11th Congressional District of Illinois,  State Representative Tom Cross-84th District, A.J. Wilhelmi - Senator 43rd District, State Representative Jack McGuire
86th District, James Glasgow Will County States Attorney, Larry Walsh Will County Executive, John Greuling President and CEO Will County Economic Development, Matt Cybulski Vice President Will County Economic Development, Paul Swanstrom Superintendent District 204, Richard Pagliaro Assistant Superintendent District 204 and Chet June District 204 Board President. We believe that all these people are stealing Federal and State money that should be used to develop the African American Community and African American youth. The money is being allocated to the County but never reaches the African American Community. Larry Walsh and John Greuling continue to say there is no money. What happened to all the federal stimulus money that the county received.  

We believe that all of the above people have taken the money and pocketed it. They can provide not one single answer about where all the money is. Meanwhile in the school system they are systematically pushing African Americans out of school. According to Richard Pagliaro 5 African American Students have been expelled this school year alone from district 204. 19 African Americans have been recommended to an alternative school this school year. I have requested information for the last 5 years but have not received it. I have also requested information on the number of white students that have been expelled or have been recommended for alternative school.  State's Attorney James Glasgow is acting as if he is trying to stop gang violence. I have just one question for him how are you going to stop gang violence knowing that the school District is systematically pushing African American students out of school?

District 204 have coaches that cannot coach and there are no African American athletes excelling in sports that they would normally excel at. They have a football coach that has been coaching Joliet East and West for six years and how many games have they won? When were they going to get a coach in that can coach and win games. The head track coach over at Joliet East and West stands out in the middle of the field and never coaches,; all he does is talk. There are seniors graduating from high school that have been running track for four years that cannot even come out of the blocks. You don't even hear about the basketball team anymore girls or boys. These people know that the only thing African Americans have is sports. If they can keep them down in sports then they can keep them from getting into a good college and keep them down in poverty. The end results is a job they don't want; drugs, gangs, robbery or burglary. James Glasgow is as much involved in the systematic demised of African American youth as the school district and the Representatives. Each of the above Representatives have been notified but as of to day they still have not explained the conspiracy claim. We are also concerned about ACT & SAT scores in District 204. 
There is also a conspiracy to keep qualified African Americans out of position with in the school districts. White staff members are being transferred from one district to the next. District 204 is stating the reason they don't hire African Americans is because they all have police records. When I worked for Cowherd Middle School they stated that a police record does not eliminate you from being hired at a school. It depends on what the offense was.

African Americans cannot provide jobs for their people because the European Americans are the ones in control of the money. Instead of allocating the funds properly they are stealing the money. District 204's Attorney has sent me a letter stating that my claims are baseless and that I am only making these claims because of the animosity I am harboring because I cannot comply with the District's facility usage procedures. I have requested a public hearing from District 204 to give them proof of my claims but have had no response on that request. If the District is not systematically pushing African American Students out of school then it seems to me that the District would be very happy to have a public hearing. If these people are not stealing the money then they shouldn't have any problem having a public hearing and explaining where the money is and why there are no major African American Businesses. They have received all this money from the state and federal government but have put no real programs together to stop gang violence. The Representatives and the States Attorney should have no problem verifying where the money is and how the money was spent.  If my claims are baseless now is the time, prove these claims wrong otherwise its investigation time.

We believe these people are stealing the money in Will County. What proof do they have that they are not? If they're not stealing the money where is it?!!!!!

Make no mistake these people are criminals.
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