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Over the years corruption has been made manifest in many forms. Back in the  sixties protests and marches were the main tool used to expose corruption. Anytime a person had a problem with corruption or they were unable to receive justice through the proper system that was set up to meat out justice there was a protest. Among the most active protesters were Martin Luther King Jr. and of course Malcolm X.    Most of the laws past to aid negroes in their plight to freedom and equal rights, came as a result of a public protest.These public protests were visible by millions and as a result acts like the Civil Rights act of 1964 were passed into law.


Now there is a new method of exposing corruption called the internet. Corruption can be exposed to millions at the click of a button. If there is a corrupt judge or corrupt State's Attorney that information should be made known at the time the corruption is being committed. Why would a person wait for the corruption to stop then report it? Wouldn't it be easier to prove corruption if the person is caught in the act of committing corruption?
Stop Corruption Now!!!!