Why Would The Leaders Steal From The Tax Payers?
After all the trust the tax payers put in their government why would their government rip them off? For years taxes have been paid to the government for the up keep of the country and welfare of the citizens. However the people in the government have stolen that tax money. They claim they are repairing their infrastructure and highways and creating jobs. The tax dollars that are constantly being used to stimulate the economy is the same tax dollars the tax payers have already paid.

The President has given trillions of dollars to stimulate the economy. He claims he is using tax money. The people pay the taxes not the government; if they are giving banks and cities stimulus  money then they are giving them our tax dollars. If they are using the taxpayers money to create jobs then why can't the tax payer use the money to create jobs? Why can't I as a tax payer receive some of the stimulus money to build teen resorts across the United States? They create jobs for your teens, it provides a safe place for teens to go and vent their time talent and stress. The teen would be able to relaxed and be stress free from violence in the resort. But best of all it creates a minimum of 278 permanent jobs;a Minimum of 278 jobs.

The teens would be trained in such areas as banking, restaurant managing, store managing, music production, video production, advertising and design illustration, resort managing, cooking, horticulture landscaping, security and a host of other careers. They would have a strong portfolio once they graduated from high school. This makes them employer ready are ready to create their own business. When they create their own business they create jobs for others. When they create jobs for others they stimulate the economy.

They would also have the opportunity to use the basketball arena where they can run on the 400 meter indoor track, play basketball on one of 6 different basketball courts or shut three courts down and play soccer or volleyball or workout in the fitness room up in its own little private space.

Students could come in and use the library or computer lab for home work and school projects. There would be 10 mini movie theatres that seat twenty five people. The teen can view major attractions or a group can rent a movie or movies of their choice and have a movie theatre party. There are so many things the teens can get involved in at Eutopia Teen Resort. With on premises security the teen would be safe from violence. The teens that use the facility would be those teens that are in good standings in their school and their community. There would be a junior board that would be responsible for teen public relations and would be trained to lobby and advocate on behalf of the teenagers. This junior board would meet with teenagers to discuss issues in the community that affect teenagers. In return this Junior Board would take these issues and concerns to the community leaders for their help in resolving these issues and concerns. This opens the door for communication between the adults and the teenagers.

So why shouldn't I as a tax payer be able to use the economic stimulus money to create jobs?
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