I am not certain if anyone was listening to John Greuling when he said that there would be a total of 38,000 jobs created in Will County. There will be 24,000 jobs in the Illinois Department of Transportation and 14,000 jobs on the Illiana Express. I applaud the effort of creating these 38,000 short term jobs; what is bothering me is, that they are only short term. A job that only last for six years is not creating jobs its creating contract assignments. Once these projects have finished what is going to happen to those 38,000 people and how many of those contract assignments will be given to African Americans?

Once these assignments end or the project is completed those same people will become unemployed again. When those people become unemployed again the same thing is going to happen to the economy? Another crisis will occur; this is because instead of creating permanent employment positions these people are creating contract assignment positions for a short term fix. In other words they are putting a bandage on the problem. Once that bandage gets old and dirty and falls off you have a sore that was never healed. 

What needs to happen is the African American community needs to be empowered. Instead of empowering the African American community they still want to keep them dependant on the system so they can continue to raise taxes. The tax payers can no longer afford to carry a whole nation of people. We keep falling into an economic crisis because these leaders keep putting a bandage on the sore instead of stitching it up so that it can heal.

If the African American community is empowered you have more tax payers paying taxes instead of using these tax dollars. These tax dollars can be used for infrastructure instead of economic stimulus money. Also once you empower the African Americans you have created more customers for the diverse businesses. Anyone that is trying to do anything other than trying to empower all nations is not working in the best interest of the people. These are the people that should be removed from their positions and someone who has the best interest of the people put in those positions. These are sundry times now, there are various different things going on at this time; wars, natural, and manmade disasters, terrorists’ activity all over the country. There is something wrong here in the United States. Instead of the powerhouse nation we once were, we have become a mockery around the world.  
The problem that we have in the United States is the United States can no longer oppress repress and subjugate the African Americans. I know it seemed like a good idea at the time, but the worse thing America could have done was to induce the Willie Lynch theory and the Henry Berry theory. The last thing you want is a bunch of wild animals running around with access to weapons. As I told the Administrators in Charleston Sr. High School in Missouri no one is safe. 

I think John Greuling needs to rethink the strategy of the Department of Economic Development and instead of creating contract assignment positions take some capital and invest it in the African American community and empower that nation.
It appears that these so called leaders are mixed up and can only throw up smoke screens to cover their lack of skill and ability to solve the problems that face the united States in these critical times. So what do they do, they blame the President. It would appear to me that the problem in the gulf was cause not by accident but on purpose so they could have something to blame on the President to make him look bad and take the focus off of their own short comnings.

The Leaders Really Don't Have The Skills To Be Effective Leaders