North Korea That Ole Dragon
North Korea has now become a serious threat. They have flat out denied the sinking of the South Korean battleship. They have said that if anyone, I repeat anyone retaliates there will be all out war. 

This sounds very disrespectful to me and if allowed to go unchecked will end up with North Korea attacking the United States. I think now would be a good time for us to call our troops home so that they can rest mentally and physically. We need to rebuild our military and prepare for battle with North Korea because it is coming. 

Our military is taxed and  North Korea is not a fool they have been sitting back waiting for an opportunity to attack the United States.

It would appear that there was a well planned plot here. I remember when Sadam and North Korea were allies. The first time Sadam was in exile didn't he run to North Korea? We may want to look at things a bit more closely. Maybe there is an underlying plot going on here. With the US's army taxed the way it is wouldn't we be left wide open for an attack? Think about it, our military is taxed you have the United States divided the whole world is watching and while there is chaos among the ranks America is vulnerable.

I don't know about ya'll  but something is not right. While you people are so busy trying to destroy each other and steal the money from the tax payers and trying to keep blacks down. These other countries are waiting on an opportunity to attack and take control of America. If they do that then guess who will become a slave right alone side the black people?

Every since the United States has gone to war in the Middle East North Korea has been flexing their muscle. They have told the United States yeah we have weapons of mass destruction what are you going to do? Now they are telling us that they did not sink the South Korean Battleship and if the United States are anyone else sanctions them are retaliates there will be an all out war so; Yeah what are we going to do? I hope we bring our troops home and rest them before it get to late.

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The United State's leaders were warned back in 2009 about North Korea and her insulence. That was the time to take action against N. Korea. Now N. Korea has become very arrogant and feel that the are now a super power. They feel that the United States is weak and can be taken down and ruled by N. Korea. Click on link below for complete details of N. Korea attack.
Once again North Korea is boasting to the United States about nuclear weaponry. If the United States doesn't do something soon there is going to be a nuclear war . I have warned the leaders in America several times. Kim Jon has something to prove. He has got to prove that he is a powerful leader and not afraid of the United States.