Upgrade kits for M4 came in 2011 our soldiers are in the war to win now.

We here at exposed corruption have nothing but love for a man like Colonel Tamilio.This is a man that has a very strong understanding of what is needed and steps up and makes the changes immediately. This man has upgraded the M4 to the M4A1. "What the M4A1 gives our Soldiers is a heavy barrel and fully automatic -- that's what the field is asking for," Tamilio said. The M4A1 also features ambidextrous controls. What makes this weapon so outstanding is that it has a better Bolt and rail for long range shooting. This is exactly what our troops need. Along with upgrading the M4 to the M4A1 Tamilio says the second contract, in the next fiscal quarter, will help the Army complete its AAO and will include additional rifles for both foreign military sales and to meet other Army requirements. Tamilio also said the Army will work a contract to procure some 65,000 kits in FY 2011 to convert M4s already in the field to the M4A1.

Tamilio claims that "In less than a year we're going to be fielding a piece of equipment that is going to add to the lethality of our Soldiers in the field," he said. The XM2010 is an improvement on the M24 sniper rifle system. A contract for production of the system was recently awarded to manufacturer Remington. Tamilio said it's expected fielding will happen in January.

Tamilio also said that The new rifle features a suppressor to allow Soldiers to fire the weapon in a suppressed environment and to also reduce muzzle flash. Also included, a fluted, free-floating barrel to give Soldiers more accuracy and heat dissipation. The weapon also sits on an improved bipod, Tamilio said, and features a modular rail system.

"(You can) screw a 1913 rail adaptor anywhere on here," Tamilio said. The system is unique in that it allows Soldiers to install a laser aiming device, for instance, and run the cord for that device inside the rail so they can install a activation button.

The included scope also features a reticle that will adjust based on the scope's zoom factor to maintain accuracy, is magazine-fed, has a 1,200 meter range, and a fully adjustable and collapsible butt stock.
Colonel Douglas Tamilio
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The US needs to put a stop to Kim Jon, he is posturing too much and poses a threat to the entire world.
Isis is a militant group that has to be dealt with expeditiously. One thing for certain the God of my forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob does not condone those kinds of massacres. The way to deal with them is not to send in an air strike but to use mercenaries. What these militaries around the globe that oppose ISIS need to do it put together a team of mercenaries and let them deal with this situation.

Since they are targeting random cars and running them off the road, you have a starting point. Put mercenaries in cars and use them as decoys. When ISIS militant's attempts to run them off the road, then you make your move. Try to capture some of the ISIS militants  so you can try to get intel. If they are randomly killing people as it is claimed, they are not to popular right now. The objective is to get these people angry so they will start to make mistakes. 

Whatever you do it needs to be fast and hard and they can't be allowed  time to regroup. Its a matter of fact you could almost set up a fake camp out in nowhere to lure them out. One thing for certain we need to think outside of the box to deal with this menace.